Jun 18

Yorkshire Terrier Names Pick Great Dog Names From These Three Ideas

Yorkies (as they are affectionately called) are small in size but big in popularity. Of all the small dogs, they have been in the AKC top ten for the last decade. They have only been bested by the biggest and most popular of dogs such as the Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd and the Golden Retrievers. No other dog in the Toy Group has been anywhere near as popular as the Yorkshire Terrier.

Yorkies are strong and playful, even with their small size. The long, silky coat is usually an almost blue silver color. Some dog lovers who are allergic to other breeds are not bothered by the hair-like coat of the Yorkie.

A unique combination of strength and softness deserves an interesting name. Looking for a source of ideas for a Yorkshire Terrier name? Try royalty, flowers, and gems.

English royalty is a good place to start looking for name ideas because the Yorkie was originally bred in Yorkshire County in Northern England. Matilda, Eleanor and Henry are all names of well-known English royalty. Other countries provide strong dog names including Cleopatra from Egypt. Dagmar is a name from Danish royalty and has a strong sound for your tough little boy Yorkie.

Nature provides great ideas. Not just flower names, but herbs, spices and plants. They may not be strong like gems, but they are greatly appreciated for their variety and color. Dahlia and cosmos are nice names, as is the classic tulip and rose. Plant names that make good dog names are fern and ivy. Saffron and lavender are dog names that come from herbs and spices.

Sparkly but tough gems are a good analogy for the tiny Yorkie. Look to the world of gemstones and minerals when it comes to finding a great name for a Yorkshire Terrier. For example, amethyst is revered for its healing properties and comes in many colors. Iridot is an uncommon word for opal and would work for a girl or boy dog name. Coral and agate are less well-known gems that also have a good sound for a Yorkshire Terrier name.

Rather than give thousands of names to choose from, this article provides three ideas for finding unique dog names for your Yorkie. Take the time to explore the possibilities. Yorkshire Terriers are a unique blend of energy and fragility. Your dog deserves a great dog name that represents the Yorkie’s wonderful style.


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