Jun 15

Rocket Dog Boots – Have A Piece Of Fashion Forward History At Your Feet

The fashion industry by definition hosts a range of different styles and trends, which the masses choose to follow. Every now and then there is brand that breaks all the rules and gets the trendsetters excited. Rocket Dog is one such name and has only been around since the 90s.

A little bit of history

Rocket Dog shoes have been around for just over 20 years and are becoming more and more popular around the world. The first sandal was a cork-bottom design, worn by trendsetters in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Soon there was the surf inspired rubber sandal, and from then on out the brand spread like wild fire. It found a market in Europe, Central America, the Middle East, and of course well-known surf country Australia. It was initially intended for women, but with its popularity came designs for men and kids. They are available in a wide range including sandals, walking shoes, as well as the famous Rocket Dog Boots.

Suited to fashion forward trendsetters

The shoes were never meant to fit in with the rest of the fashion world or adhere to all the rules and expectations of consumers who feed off mass produced clothing. They were made for those who are young at heart and who prefer to be trendsetters. Sure they are not prestigious and they don’t sell for top dollar, but at the same time they are not meant to be tossed at the back of your closet either. Many consumers of this brand swear by them and claim they can express every bit of their wild and fun sides.

They are versatile and functional

Rocket Dog Boots look great, but they are also fully functional. For the casual beach days there are the sandals that available in all sorts of materials and colors to suit you personality. For those winter months there are their boots you will probably get good use from. Ladies love these boots because of how versatile they are. There are snow boots, ankle boots, knee-highs, flat boots, boots with killer heels, and faux boots. All Rocket Dog boots are made from quality materials so you are getting a boot that is durable coupled with style.

Whether you decide to sport the boots or sandals you will probably be pretty happy with the style and versatility.


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