Mar 28

Raising A Silver Labrador Pup

There was an episode of the popular TV Show in BBC called Top Gear.

In this particular episode, they attempted to figure out which was a bigger chick bomb, whether it was a Porsche GT or a Labrador Puppy.

We all know which of these two won.

It was obviously the Labrador Puppy which stole the honors.

So, everyone does want to own a Labrador Retriever Pup nowadays, but we all fail to understand the trouble one has to go through in raising the cute little critter.

Here are a few things you have to be equipped with in order to raise a Labrador Pup:

1. You should be ready to pick up its shit and clean its poop wherever necessary.

2. You should be ready to give it a specialized diet consisting of hot milk and puppy food.

3. The pup needs a lot of activity, you should be ready to play around with it, entertain it and keep it active and energetic.

4. You need to vaccinate it and go through the entire process of the pup going sick after that and you personally feeling like an idiot for having done it since you feel so sorry for the puppy.

5. They shed a lot in the initial stages – you have to be ready to snuff all that hair in 🙂

6. They tend to slack a bit when it comes to mental growth, even though their physical growth is really really fast.

7. The puppy’s bones are usually brittle, so you have to make sure you take proper care to make sure they don’t break any of their bones or get hurt.

8. You need to toilet train the pups and also teach them what to bite and what not to.

9. You need to be very careful with a small puppy, they’re just like babies – they tend to

bite and eat whatever they can reach – and yeah, they get sick and do all that kinda stuff too.

So, are you ready for a Silver Labrador Pup yet?


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