Jan 22

Picking The Right Labrador Retriever Training Treats

The treat is one of the most effective tools a dog owner may use to achieve successful labrador retriever training. Given as reward to a dog for each good behavior shown, the use of treat aims to motivate your precious pet to repeat the behavior he’s rewarded for. Like for example if you are rewarding your Labrador each time he poops or pees at the spot you specified, giving him rewards after every deed will help him realize that he gets good things for doing such act thus will try to do it repeatedly to obtain more rewards.

With the growing popularity of dogs as household pets, many people also see this as wonderful chance to earn by selling different varieties of dog stuff – from collars, leash, toys and bed to dog foods, supplement and treats. Indeed, there are several types of treats to choose from. Treats differ based on size, color, shape, texture, taste and even scent thus it is vital to ascertain what type of treat does your beloved pet find really satisfying.

Treats intended for labrador retriever training must be small enough for your pet to consume at once so that you can proceed with the training immediately. In addition, it mustn’t be chewy nor too hard but just soft enough for him to eat it quickly.

The color is a significant factor to consider too since it is what catches a dog’s focus more often. The same applies with the treat’s shape. It must be noticeable on the floor so that it will be easy for your pet to see it and for you to notice if you unintentionally dropped one on the floor. Brightly-colored treats work best when training in dim areas while treats shaped like a bone is the most common.

Since treat is given as a reward for doing a good job, it should be really tasty, something your canine friend really likes. You can even opt for homemade dog treats like pieces of cheese, hotdog, sliced steak and burger. Additionally, there are homemade dog recipes containing peanut butter, liver, oatmeal, carrots, banana and many more.

Nowadays, there are lots of treats specifically formulated for training. You may want to opt for this one to help make labrador retriever training truly easy. However, if you are not interested in using such treat, regular treats would do good. Just make sure that it does not contain too much calories to prevent weight gain issues.


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