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Using Hand Signals During Labrador Training

Every time one mentions labrador training, what comes into mind most of the time is a dog owner training his dog using verbal commands. But while this method is indeed the most widely used, an owner can also choose to use hand signals to further increase the odds of getting positive training outcome. Apart from that, using hand signals is beneficial if the pet is affected by some kind of hearing difficulty.

For added enlightenment, here are the reasons justifying the use of hand signals:

– Dog breeds with wonderful work ethics and even temperament like the labrador retriever are popular working dogs. They make great disabled-assistance dogs and are used in search and rescue missions and in illegal detection. Teaching a dog with hand signals will let him identify what the plan of action is without making a sound and makes communication easy if you’re working in a noisy atmosphere.

– Despite your effort to keep your pet near you most of the time, he may possibly run away especially if he spots something interesting on the other side of the road – a fashionable poodle, a barking chihuahua, waste can, squirrel or anything that has captured his attention. The situation can be dangerous but if he is trained to respond to hand signals, you can be at ease knowing that you can tell him what to do even if he is away.

– Hand signals can be used to highlight many labrador training commands. Like for example if you are training your lab to stay, placing your hand (palm facing out) in front of his snout can help him understand what he needs to do. Additionally, outstretched arms and inviting look may mean “come” while an extended arm with palm facing down, forming a parallel position with the

Jul 07

Here’s What You Should Do if Your Dog Bites and Injures Someone

Dogs have the sixth sense and they can act defensive and aggressive if they are suspicious about someone in their surroundings and can also injure them. As a dog owner, you will have to take the responsibility for your pet’s actions. Let’s have a look at what all you’ll need to do, to save further trouble after your dog has bit or injured someone.

It is a nightmare come true, when you know your dog has bit or injured someone, badly. Your dog is your favorite pal and you could have spoiled him. So, after he has bit some stranger randomly, you can be clueless as to what you should do to save further loss.

Given below are a few things you’d need to do and take care of, when your dog has bit someone.

Things to Do When Your Dog Has Injured Someone

Talk to the Victim
If you are around when your dog has injured someone, the first thing you must do is try controlling your dog and pull him off the victim. Talk to the victim, asking him about his injuries.

Provide Medical Help
Check how badly is the victim injured and help him with immediate medical attention as well as dog bite treatment.

Find Out What Really Happened
Once you have taken him to the hospital and treatment is done, ask him what really happened. Also find out about the whole incident from a witnesses.

Pay for the Expenses
If you are convinced that the victim was innocently attacked by your dog, then offer to directly pay for the medical expenses that the victim has incurred. However you don’t have to end up paying, if you think that your dog was not at fault and was just defending himself against an intruder.

Learn About the Concerning Laws
You may NOT have to pay for

Jul 07

Labrador Training – Permit Your Dog To Become Socialized

Young dogs really are cute and also occasionally we enable them get away along with terrible behavior since we tend to consider they seem way too adorable or simply don’t know much better. While you are starting up labrador training you cannot allow your dog’s sweet small puppy pet eyes get in the way of correct behavior training. You must always be solid yet not aggressive, frequent along with calm with the new inclusion with your household. Reward is certainly the best way to help training along in addition to loads of flavorsome goodies.

Labrador training shall be less difficult in case you include everyone inside the family group. This is because you need your canine friend for taking directions right from everyone inside the family group. Build a pack attitude through having your dog know that within it’s group, your household, all others comes on top. This can include kids, it needs to respect every person in the household plus get directions from every person. Make sure anyone utilizes exactly the same procedures as well as instructions just like you do, in order not to ever mix up your pet dog.

Take your Labrador pup outside to meet different men and women and also other dogs. One doesn’t need an aggressive doggy. Uncovering your canine towards other people as well as dogs is certainly a component of Labrador training which may allow your pup being nicely socialized. At the same time set out to get your dog within the automobile or quite short rides quite possibly at this age group. Drive towards a grassy place that is not too far from your home plus let your puppy out to be able to examine and have fun. In such a manner your pup connects trucks together with anything

Jul 07

Important Reminders When Buying Dog Beds

Nowadays, there are a lot of beautiful dog beds in luxury fabrics and a variety of shapes and sizes including the new double donut dog beds in the market today and you can even choose from dog beds in over 70 different colors and fabrics to match any decor.

Style, comfort, price, materials, quality – these are just few of the things that you should consider first when buying pet bed for your precious little ones.

Aside from the comfort that it can give to your dogs, your dogs bed will be a great addition to your home. We all know that every dog needs a place of his own, and the right pet bed can provide that perfect, quiet spot for any canine. Aside from adding a stylish element to your home decor, dog beds can also provide a multitude of benefits for your dog pets.

With an amazing array of shapes, styles and colors, dog beds have really come into their own. There are also functional designs in the market thats sure to fit your needs. Dog beds can also be used in the overall training program of your dog.

Many of us love snuggling with our dogs in our own beds and even sleeping with them. But do you know that letting your dog sleep with you in your bed can lead to a poor nights rest for you? A disruptive night can affect your mood and cause you to be less productive the following day another reason to buy your dog his own bed.
When choosing dog beds, keep these important considerations in mind:

Assess the size, age and health of your dog and think about the type and style of bed in which your dog will be most comfortable.

Jul 06

Helping Your Mama Dog Take Care Of Her New Puppies

If you have never had the pleasure of owning a female dog that has puppies, you are in for some fun and some hard work. If you think the mama dog is going to go all of the work, you are absolutely wrong! She will more than likely do her part unless she has some unforeseen complications, but there will still be plenty of work left over for you to help her with.

The birthing process is an adventure all on its own. Some females dogs go through the entire thing without making a sound, but others can wail when the pups come out and if you love your mama dog it will break your heart to see her suffer. If you make it through this process without any complications or losing any pups you will have done good. There will be a mess to clean up from here on out. It is not so bad the first several weeks until the pups begin you urinate and other things on their own, then it will be a constant battle to keep their bedding clean.

Making sure all of the pups get nursed equally will also be something you will more than likely have to supervise if it is a large litter, especially if your mama dog is small and has more than four or five pups. They have to nurse every four hours or so and it happens all through the night. Your mama dog will eat two or three times more than normal and this means more trips outside! Don’t be surprised if you are outside at two or three in the morning! She will need to be fed a good brand of puppy chow to help her stay in good health while she nurses. It adds extra nutrients

Jul 06

Labrador Training Dogma

If you’re planning to bring home a lab in the near future, then you better search for effective labrador training tips as soon as now. The web is like a vast ocean of tips and information regarding this breed. There are also lots of people claiming as gurus when it comes to dog training. But sadly, not all of these tips can be effective in helping you attain your objectives. Some aren’t even accurate to say the least. Some are mere speculations that can cause confusion to pet owners specifically to inexperienced ones.

Like for example the exact age as to when training must start. Old school ideas believe that training must start when the puppy is around six to eight weeks old. But the puppies might have developed undesirable behaviors by that time. While it’s true that basic obedience usually begins at eight weeks of age, labrador training for social development should begin at once. During this period, a puppy must learn how to communicate with his litter mates as well as other animals in the house if there is any. It is also best to train your pup to get accustomed to being handled early on to make grooming or vet check ups easy. In order to socialize your pet appropriately, introduce him to people, other pets and things gradually. Introduce one thing at a time so as not to overwhelm him with the new atmosphere he is into. However, before you expose him outside, make sure that he has completed necessary vaccines and has consent from the vet.

One more age-related concern is the famous quote, “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks” because it is believed that it can be hard to impart knowledge to their mature minds. Known as one of the most famous breeds,

Jul 04

Know How to Avoid Dog Attacks and Defend Yourself When it Happens

When faced with a 60 pound, furry snarling mass, what do you do? Run, shout or scream your lungs out? In the event of a dog attack, you need to protect yourself and ward off the attack simultaneously. Scroll below for steps on how to face a canine adversary.

When animals attack, be prepared for the worst. Depending on the type of animal, the attack can be silent but lethal or obvious and aggressive. An individual’s behavior at the time of an attack, will determine the outcome of the attack to a large extent. The wrong move, a misstep and an unpleasant encounter can become a deadly one. What should one do, when facing a snarling, quivering dog? In fairness, dogs can be very fearsome opponents to face off against. Whether small or big, dogs have strength, agility and powerful jaws and impressively sharp teeth on their side. At least 4.7 million people of the United States are bitten by a dog that is known to them, each year. And though attacks can be prevented, it helps to know how to protect yourself from a dog attack.

How to Defend Against a Dog Attack

The following are some self defense tactics and steps to tackle a canine foe.

– In a stern and firm voice, say “NO!” or “Shoo” or “Down”. A strong command issued firmly will often frighten off most dogs. You can even back away slowly while the dog is confused.
– Try to get to a place of higher elevation. Climb a tree or even a car just to put some height between you and the dog.
– Do not face down or glare at the dog head on. Keep your movements slow and steady. Do not wave your hands about, all this is misconstrued as violent signs by the dog,

Jul 02

The Importance Of Having A Watch Dog At Home

Homeowners looking for a method of improving security without taking expensive measures to put in complicated equipment might consider getting a watch dog. A watch dog adds an element of security and warning against intruders to a home as well as improving personal protection.

Basics of Watch Dogs

Watch dogs are any canines that are able to warn owners of strangers. When it comes to finding a pet that will give a warning of potential danger by barking and offer assistance in protecting the owners, family protection dogs are the ideal choice. The dog will watch for intruders and protect against danger.

Watch dogs are not always guard dogs, particularly when the dog is relatively small. The key difference between a basic watch dog and a guard dog is the improved protection offered by the canine. The biggest factor that makes a difference in whether the dog is good at guarding the family or simply issuing a warning is the size and temperament of the pet. A good guard dog will have courage and the ability to take down an attacker.

Protection Against Intruders

Personal protection dogs offer safety around the home. A key element that is important to any individual or family is feeling safe while in the comfort of home. Any time it does not feel safe, the home becomes uncomfortable.

A benefit of getting trained German Shepherds or similar guard dog breeds is the feeling of safety at home. A trained guard dog will not get friendly with anyone who is a stranger. Furthermore, the trained dog has been taught ways to protect the owner or whole family from potential harm.

Benefits of Calm Breeds

Finding the best dog for the protection of the home means looking for the pet that has a great temperament, courage

Jul 01

A Dog Food Dispenser Definitely Will Make Certain That Your Dog Will Be By No Means Left Starving

You’ll no longer have to hurry home to be able to feed your dog; the dog food dispenser is going to do so.

Our pet is the best companion which we can ever have and also we love them very much. Occasionally one can find times due to personal or professional good reasons if we need to leave our dog at home alone for long hours. It is possible to buy a dog food dispenser instead of feeling guilty. Definitely that is for the owner the most beneficial if thes have to go out of town for a short holiday or go on a business vacation. The dog food dispenser is for sale in many different dimensions for large dogs and various ones for pups. Before the advent of a dog food dispenser all that the owner had the choice of was to leave a bowl of water and also food outside for the pet. And when they came back they would notice the mess and also the wastage. Also, the dog could have eaten up the food in one go and also therefore be sick from overeating. And, with the food that was exposed to air, contamination and also ants and also rodents it is damaging for your pet.

Anyway, you’re assured of food being dished out for your pet in very measured quantities at common intervals with the make use of of a dog food dispenser. This ensures that you pet does not waste the costly pet food and also at the same time remains well fed in your absence.

If you’re concerned about your pet and its food in your absence then the dog food dispenser will absolutely work out to be the answer to your concerns. You will be able to ensure your pets optimal growth

Jun 29

Top Ten Biting Dog Breeds

All dogs have the propensity to bite; it is in their nature. Some breeds, however, seem to have a tendency to nip and bite more than others. My list of the top ten biting breeds will surprise you; not containing the breeds commonly thought of to be the most aggressive.

In July 2008, the journal of Applied Animal Behaviour Science published a study done by researches at the University of Pennsylvania. They surveyed and discussed with over 6,000 dog owners their experiences with aggression in their dogs. The researchers compiled a report containing 33 dog breeds most likely to bite. Here are the dog breeds with the greatest percentage of bites and bite attempts on humans.

Dachshund. Yes, the sausage dog is most likely to bite strangers and its owners.
Chihuahua. These are big dogs in a little package, and none are afraid to tell you so. Chihuahuas are very likely to bite strangers and owners.
Jack Russell Terrier. These feisty little dogs are also quick to nip. They have a tendency to try to nip at strangers and family members.
Australian Cattle Dog. This breed is great to have around the home, but you must be careful; they are herding dogs, which means they are very likely to nip family and strangers.
American Cocker Spaniel. A common breed in many homes in the United States, this dog does have tendencies to nip and bite at owners.
Beagle. Another family favorite, beagles seem to nip and bite at their families.

There are other breeds, like the Akita and Pit Bull Terrier, which are more prone to trying to nip or bite other dogs or animals.

It must always be kept in mind that small dogs often go un-reprimanded for biting. Many owners find it

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