Jul 14

Labrador Training How To Stop Pets From Growling At Kids

As a responsible dog owner, it is likely you are aware that dog growling issues necessitate proper labrador training. Although not all growling incidents are serious matters, steps must be taken to handle the issue in order to prevent it from progressing into more serious behavior problem.

Issue with a growling dog can occur to any dog owner nevertheless, it is more frequent among families with small kids since young ones are not yet completely aware on how to deal with pets properly. Having young kids and a difficult dog in one place can be a lot of trouble if they are left without supervision, right?

So what to do when a dog growls? The starting point is to figure out the reason behind growling. In many instances, a dog may growl to claim his dominance. This is especially correct when you didn’t make it apparent to him who the pack leader is or if he feels as though your kids are below him in the pack order. In some cases, your labrador may growl if he feels threatened. This normally takes place if the kid comes near his properties like bed, crate, food bowl and toys. Moreover, territorial aggression could also trigger growling if he sees that someone is invading his property, be it his crate, bed or the couch located in the family room.

Like many dog behavior problems, growling can be curtailed through training, specifically labrador training in your case. To train your dog on how to respond to scenarios that can induce growling, he must be exposed to these situations with you around all set to correct his responses. Give the kids some food or treat and with your supervision, permit them to present it to the dog. This can enable your dog to understand that the kids are providers that he should regard, not growled at. The children should also be fed first before the dog to make it obvious that the kids come before him in the pack order.

Labrador training to eliminate growling doesn’t solely entail training your pet alone. You also must train the kids the correct manner of dealing with the four-legged member of the family. Make them learn to respect the dog’s privacy especially if he’s sleeping or resting in the crate or on his bed, when eating or playing. Moreover, rough playing should also be prohibited.

A dog growls in an effort to defend himself. Giving him no reason to growl can make yours and your dog’s life a lot more peaceful and happy.


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