Mar 23

Labrador Retriever Training Tips To Obtain Positive Result

The labrador retriever is one of the most intelligent breeds of dog, however, labrador retriever training is not always as easy as you want it to be. Just like when training other dog breeds, training a smart labrador retriever can be extremely challenging if not frustrating. You need to be equipped not only with the correct information but with appropriate training equipment as well to get desirable outcome.

In the internet, you can get several suggestions that can help you get that well-trained labrador retriever you have been dreaming about. But not all those strategies are applicable to all pets all the time. Sometimes, a specific strategy might not be as effective to you as it is to your next-door neighbor who also owns a labrador. Check out the tips you surely do not want to miss:

Evaluate your dog’s skills.

The Labrador retriever is commonly healthy and intelligent breed – traits that contribute to attaining successful labrador retriever training. But despite the fact that they’re of the same breed, each dog is different from the other thus you should not expect that your pet can perform whatever the other dog can do. It would be best to examine your dog’s abilities first instead of expecting results too quickly. Is he healthy enough to endure strenuous activities? Can his stomach tolerate homemade training treats? By understanding such information, you will determine what areas to pay attention to and what are the things to stay away from.

Develop a routine.

Dogs can’t understand English, or any other human language for that matter. The only way for them to learn is through routine. By taking your pet to the area you selected as his toilet and rewarding him every time he urinates or defecates there, he’ll eventually figure out what you want him to do. The same principle must be used when teaching commands sit, down, come and many more. But make certain that you;

Remain consistent.

Considering that dogs learn through routine, it is very important to remain consistent with your strategies to prevent confusion. For basic obedience training, use a specific word or phrase for every command. If you are using the command “sit” to train your canine friend to sit, do so consistently to prevent causing confusion.

Avoid setting high expectations.

Expecting too much too early is one sure way towards frustration. The labrador retriever is an intelligent breed but not all successful labrador retriever training can be achieved in a single day. Sometimes, it might take days for a pet to perfect a certain command. Patience, coupled with determination should be applied rather than expect too much.

Never use physical punishment to correct your pet.

Physical punishment is not the best solution to modify your pet’s negative behavior. In fact, it will do more harm than good since the deed can potentially cause trauma to your beloved pet.


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