Feb 27

Labrador Retriever – Important Facts To Know

The Labrador Retriever, also known as the “Lab”, is a sporting breed. They have a yellow, chocolate or black coat. It was in the 1800s the breed is assumed to have first appeared. Pulling nets of fish for fishermen is the role they were originally used for. They’re suitable as a family pet, guide dog or police dog today. Qualities like their gentle and eager-to-please nature are what they are identifiable by. Their breeding lineage includes the St John’s Water Dog mixed with other English, Irish and Portuguese breeds and are believed to have come from the island of Newfoundland.

They’re classified as a large sized dog. The recommended male guidelines are 65-80 pounds and a height of 22.5-24.5 inches, while the female size is 55-70 pounds and a height of 21.5-23.5 inches. Their temperament is famously known as being gentle and outgoing. They’re mostly easygoing towards people they haven’t met, and this can make them unsuitable as a protection dog. They are confirmed to be highly clever, and is ranked 7th compared to all other dogs when learning new obedience commands.

They are highly suitable as a family pet, as they’re gentle with kids. They do mix peacefully with other animals such as other dogs. One fairly simple chore is grooming them. They require a small amount of brushing every week, and proper grooming once every 8 to 12 weeks. They can be suited to life in an apartment, but love to have a large yard that gives them room to run around.

As is the case with a good number of large sized dog breeds, they are largely shorter-lived and have an expected life of 10-12 years. They can be susceptible to eye problems and deafness, but their major health risk is hip and elbow dysplasia. They can be entertained with things such as swimming or chasing balls and frisbees. They have a high degree of energy, which means they will need long walks each day to reduce the likelihood of bad habits.

If you choose the Labrador Retriever you need to be able to provide them with early socialization and lots of long walks. They’re not an ideal option for less active owners, but highly suitable for active families or owners able to meet their high exercise needs. Perhaps the greatest reason dog owners find this dog so attractive is seen in that it will make the best family pet and is easy to teach anything because of their gentle and eager to please nature.


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