Jan 27

Important Things to Know for Dog Boarding

If you have to leave your pet for few days then dog boarding is the perfect choice for ensuring a comfortable stay. But, before you drop your pet ensure that few preliminary requirements are done for a hassle-free stay.

Dog is your best companion and you would surely not want to leave it in lurch if you have to go away for sometime maybe for business reasons or just a casual vacation. So, the simple solution is to leave it in a good dog clinic and stay relaxed as you know the professionals will take care of your pet canine. However there are very few important preliminary things that you should do so that your pet lives comfortable at one of the renowned Kennels In San Antonio.

The first thing you need to ensure that your pet is in good health and shape, because many kennels or boarding facilities will not entertain a dog with some illness. If your dog is due for a vaccination or it is signalling through some common vaccination symptoms like Bortadilla or Kennel cough then you should ensure the same at least a week or two before you leave.

You must also get a prior health checkup from an able veterinarian to have an assurance that it was perfect when you handed over to the particular boarding facility. This becomes important if your pet has some chronic illness, or it has undergone some sort of treatment recently. You will surely not like being called in the midst of your trip regarding the bad or worsening health of the dog. Also, before you leave the pet, ensure that the dog boarding has trained staff and proper medication facility to cater to any urgent call.

Kennels provide normal food to all the dogs, so if your pet is used to some other food or it has some deviating food habit then it is better to pack the stuff with written instruction. You can give instruction so that the staff can understand and feed your dog properly. If you have a dog then you will surely have a great emotional connect with it and you will not like any emergency or natural disaster to take your cherished possession away. Ensure that the kennel has proper plan to cater to the medical emergencies so that it can be immediately be attended by a good veterinarian. Sometimes, the dog is so emotionally attached to you that it can have great difficulty coping with the separation. In this case, if it is first time for your pet then try keeping in the day kennels in San Antonio well before you will actually drop it in the boarding for few days.

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