Mar 24

How To Stop Dog Jumping Behavior

There are various problem behaviours that a canine might possibly manifest when it grows older. Some of these behaviours might seem inexplicable to the dog owner, while some have an easy explanation. In most cases, these types of bad dog behaviors may be prevented simply by correctly training the dog when it is a pup, showing your pet exactly what the desired behavior is and correcting any behaviors that do not conform to that. If the dog owner is consistent with reinforcing the correct behaviors and correcting the inappropriate behaviours, the pet owner will most likely have a well trained canine when it gets older. However, there may be a few behaviours that will appear and need to be resolved.
Stopping a dog from jumping a fence can be a hard behavior to prevent in many dogs. Part of the reason behind this is that the behavior is inherently reinforced by the behaviour, because the canine will get liberty when he’s successful in jumping the fence. The first step to preventing a dog from jumping the fence is to think about the probable reasons that he is jumping it. Numerous canines jump fences simply because they are bored. Spending more time with your dog every day, actively playing with him and taking him for a walk can help to solve the issue. In other cases, particularly if the dog is not spayed or neutered, the dog may be jumping the fence due to its sex drive. In some cases, it might be simply trying to follow another dog or could be wanting to follow individuals who give it attention while passing by, regardless of whether negative or positive attention.

The next step to prevent a puppy from jumping the fence should be to examine the fencing in the yard. If your dog can see out of the fence, it is advisable to block his view so he is not lured by what he observes. All openings need to be stopped up where the puppy might be escaping. If the dog is climbing the fence, there are several materials that can be placed on the inside of the fence to make it slick, and too difficult to climb any further. There is plastic sheeting which can be nailed to the fence which is slippery, and also chicken wire. Another way to stop a dog from jumping the fence would be to put some sort of obstruction where he is likely to climb or jump it. Shrubbery are a good deterrent, as well as other plants or decorations. This helps you to stop the ability of the dog to get a running start to jump the fence, consequently preventing the behaviour.


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