Jun 10

Find Out More About The Chocolate Labrador Dog – Gentle And Fun For Children

Many families with children are thinking about adopting pets, but may put the idea on the back burner trying to think about which type of pet would be safe and fun for children in play. Here’s a true story that may help you make your choice.

In my childhood, The pet beloved by all in the neighbourhood was Ben the chocolate Labrador. Ben had a good disposition, provided hours of fun and entertainment with his love of water, usually in the form of sprinklers and a bunch of kids, absolutely loved children. Ben came from a long line of water loving dogs, rejoicing in a lake where he could practice his swimming and diving abilities. Ben’s ancestry bred an instinct of compassion and protectiveness towards people. Ben was so smart and sensitive.

There was a blind lady who lived down the street, and Ben always seemed to know when she ventured out with her cane to make her way to the mailbox. He’d stand by her side, in all his chocolate Labrador beauty, tail fluffy and friendly, guiding her along her way. Ben was the best of chocolate Labradors I knew, he was like an angel. Even the color of his coat was lovable and comforting.

In the United States, it seems that the Labrador is the most popular family pet. They have tender dispositions, are easy to train, of an obedient nature, loving and friendly, with an intelligent and companionable character. The Labradors are quick to learn and respond enthusiastically to praise for their good deeds. With all these wonderful characteristics and maybe because of my own memories, the chocolate Labrador is so especially appealing. They are not necessarily guard dogs but watchdogs. They’ll let you know when a stranger approaches, but chocolate Labradors are not attack dogs.

In the heart for the chocolate Labrador, there is that soft spot in the heart, that just doesn’t go away. There always was a matter of controversy as the color of the chocolate Labradors in the world of dog shows. To attain “show” quality, the chocolate Labrador must be pure in the chocolate coloring, without brindling or tan spots, of the pure chocolate Labrador shade. It seems a bit silly to be literally “splitting hairs” in the assessment of a good family pet.
Look in to the Labrador if you’re debating which animal might make a good companion for your family. You might find another Ben, who knows?, the chocolate Labrador who makes the ideal new member in your family?

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