Jan 23

Dog Flaky Skin How To Bring Back Fido’s Shiny Coat!

Getting home from work is exciting, especially when you know that your beloved dog is waiting to be cuddled by you.

It’s thrilling to lay your hand on your dog’s shiny coat, which is a definite sign of a healthy pet. But as the winter season approaches and temperature starts to drop, you may begin to notice that your dog is exhibiting a different behavior. Fido is frequently licking, biting or scratching his fur. As days go by, the condition and behavior gets worse. You should understand that not only humans get dry skin… and a dog’s flaky skin must be given the appropriate treatment in order to prevent flaking and itching.

If your home becomes really dry during winter, this may be the main reason that causes your dog’s skin to become dry and start to flake. You should use a room humidifier to help moisten the air. Also, try to purchase a moisturizing shampoo available in pet stores. Buying a shampoo for Fido to moisturize his skin doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to bathe him more often. Winter is not a good season to bathe your pet. You just have to keep his coat clean at all times, thus helping to relieve his itching.

Keep in mind that you should only buy shampoos specifically formulated for dogs. The pH level of humans is different from dogs, which means that using your own moisturizing shampoo for your dog can worsen the situation because human shampoos can be harsh on a dog’s skin. If you can find a dog shampoo that offers more than just moisturizing… such as parasite or flea protection, then the flaky dog skin may be treated faster.

If these steps do not resolve the problem and if instead you notice that your dog’s skin becomes red or irritated and there are visible bumps or other abnormal inflammations, your dog’s condition might be something serious (especially if his hair is excessively falling out.)You should then immediately set up an appointment with the vet.

Dog hotspots are also usual in different dog breeds. These are typical bacterial infections that normally start as an allergy, but as your dog rubs and scratches his skin, he can break open the skin and bring in the bacteria with his dirty paws getting in contact with the sore area. The bacteria grows into numbers that result in further irritation. When you seek immediate help from the vet, he or she will clear up and eliminate the initial allergy and at the same time cure the new infection. A pain reliever may also be prescribed for your dog.

Most of the time, dog flaky skin and other skin problems can be treated with the use of a variety of topical shampoos and creams.


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