Jan 25

Dog Costume Mans Best Friend All Dressed Up!

For pet lovers, there is no other choice then to bring your pet with you wherever you go (I know you’re guilty of it, too!). Holidays are the same. Make sure that your dog is dressed in style in their very own halloween costume. Pet costumes aren’t just for dogs. You can also dress your cat, bunny, turtle or any other house pet. Big, small or really small, there is a dog costume that will fit your pet. Remember, your pet doesn’t have to be a dog to wear a dog costume–just make sure to buy the correct size or simply make one!

Many dogs and cats can fit into childrens size clothing. Old sweatshirts, jeans and even one of your childs past Halloween costumes can easily be recycled and transformed into a new witch or ballerina outfit. Bear in mind that dog costumes should contain as few elements as possible and because it only has to last through one wearing, can be easily fastened with Krazy Glue or duct tape. Making costumes for cats is easy as well, but getting your cat to wear it is a whole other matter.

You may not have the time to think all these things out, in which case, buy dog costumes online. Superman, cape and all, and other characters await without the planning and improvising.

Keep in mind that Halloween costumes are not on doggy lists of fun things to do. You want to make the costume as comfortable for your pet as possible. Avoid slipping anything over the animals head. The costume should not restrict movement or be too tight or too long for the animal to walk in. Your dog must be able to see and breathe through the costume so put those aviator goggles away. Make sure too that your pet cant chew or choke on any of the parts. (Beads and tassels should be nowhere near the animals mouth.)

If you feel really inventive, why not go as a vet and your pet can go as him or herself? Or attach a whiskey bottle to the collar of your Labrador Retriever and pretend he or she is a St. Bernard. Or if you have a Collie or German Shepherd, you can pretend that he or she is Lassie and/or or Rin Tin Tin.

Have fun with your pet for that is the point.


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