Jul 16

The Spinone Italiano – Smart, Loving, and Still Helpful Today

The Spinone Italiano (plural, Spinoni) is a very ancient Italian dog breed that can be traced back to about 500 B.C. It has been portrayed in Renaissance Paintings, most famously in the fresco by Andrea Mantegna on the entrance wall of the Camera degli Sposi in the Castle at Mantua, Italy, showing Lodovico and his grandsons welcoming Cardinal Francesco Gonzaga. It also appears in works by Tiepolo and Tiziano.

The breed was very popular in the Renaissance, being used as a gun dog and a companion dog. It excelled as a pointer and a retriever, with its strongly developed sense of smell and desire to please its owner. It was described as a dog that hunted not for itself, but for its owner.

Its popularity declined somewhat in latter centuries, and the breed might have even become extinct, except for the efforts of dedicated breeders like Dr. Paolo Brianzi and Dr. Ezio Caraffini. In 1949, they formed the Club Italian Spinoni, an association for the protection of the Spinone breed in Italy. Thanks to this association, the Spinone Italiano was revived and its standard maintained. It is now once again gaining in popularity, although it is still a rather rare breed. It has a strong following in England and Scandinavia, and has sparked interest in Japan as well. There are however less than 1,000 registered in the USA. It is not an easy breed to acquire. There are long waiting lists for puppies, and the prices range from $1,000 and up.

The Spinone Italiano has a very distinctive appearance. It is a large boned dog with a solid, square structure, a deep chest, and sloping, muscular hind quarters. It has a long head and an oval skull, with a well developed occipital protuberance and pronounced parietal crest. It has dropping ears,

Jul 16

Most Popular Dog Names

By far the most popular dog name for a male dog is Max. Many dog lovers like to chose names according to their culture that suits the country they’re in but if you’re looking at strictly North America the top 10 most common names we’ve found based on research include Rocky, Buddy, Jack, Bentley, Charlie, Bailey, Sam, Shadow, Duke and Toby. For a female dog, the top name is Bella followed by Molly, Lucy, Sophie, Chloe, Maggie, Daisy, Abby, Zoe, and Lola. The name you give your dog tends to be something that fits your own lifestyle and the personality of the dog so it’s good to follow a few rules when choosing a name for your dog. First it depends if this is a puppy or adult dog that you’re naming for the first time because adult dogs tend to already have a personality that help you narrow down your choice. For this article we will focus on naming a puppy, so there are 3 rules to go by which is 1) keep the name simple, usually one syllable is best so it’s easy for your dog to respond to the name. Second rule is wait a few days before deciding on the name – you don’t want to rush into a name that doesn’t fit the dog and do a bit of thinking before making such an important choice, after all this is a family member and should be treated that way. And lastly – make the name fitting for the dog.

If you end up getting a cute cuddly poodle, calling it killer may not be the best choice although some may like the irony and go with it anyways. At the end of the first week that you’ve had your dog, of course the name

Jul 14

Labrador Training How To Stop Pets From Growling At Kids

As a responsible dog owner, it is likely you are aware that dog growling issues necessitate proper labrador training. Although not all growling incidents are serious matters, steps must be taken to handle the issue in order to prevent it from progressing into more serious behavior problem.

Issue with a growling dog can occur to any dog owner nevertheless, it is more frequent among families with small kids since young ones are not yet completely aware on how to deal with pets properly. Having young kids and a difficult dog in one place can be a lot of trouble if they are left without supervision, right?

So what to do when a dog growls? The starting point is to figure out the reason behind growling. In many instances, a dog may growl to claim his dominance. This is especially correct when you didn’t make it apparent to him who the pack leader is or if he feels as though your kids are below him in the pack order. In some cases, your labrador may growl if he feels threatened. This normally takes place if the kid comes near his properties like bed, crate, food bowl and toys. Moreover, territorial aggression could also trigger growling if he sees that someone is invading his property, be it his crate, bed or the couch located in the family room.

Like many dog behavior problems, growling can be curtailed through training, specifically labrador training in your case. To train your dog on how to respond to scenarios that can induce growling, he must be exposed to these situations with you around all set to correct his responses. Give the kids some food or treat and with your supervision, permit them to present it to the dog. This can enable your dog to understand that

Jul 13

Choosing The Right Pet Bird For Your Little Ones

However, although it might have taken just a few moments to decide that you want to have a pet bird for you, it is not as easy a decision to choose the right bird for you. There are so many birds that you will simply wonder which one would be the best pet birds.

Especially, when it comes to choosing the birds that will be most friendly with your children and also the one that are fun to have as pets, are beautiful, you need to go through the number of options that are available. Whimsical decision might cost you quite a much as the best birds for pets do not come for an easy and affordable price. They are expensive, need a good deal of time and money to look after them every day, every week and every month and also you need to spend time with them to keep them happy. It is indeed a great responsibility to have the best bird pet at home.

Different types of pet birds:

The parrots, cockatiels and budgerigars, conures, cockatoos etc. are the most popular and best pets for kids. However, amongst these, the ones that have always been loved by the kid are mentioned here in this article.

If you are looking for an intelligent, shrewd and extremely sweet flying creature as your pet, you must choose this one. If you are a solitary being, you won’t have a great relationship with this one. But, if you have time to spend with it, it will be one of the best pet birds for kids. They are very loud, noisy and shriek aloud, making their presence always remembered.

Meyers Parrot
These types of pet birds are a group of the African hookbills. These birds are a lot calmer than their counterparts, the other parrots and

Jul 13

How To Pick A Great Dog Groomer

There are many things that you need to do to take care of your dog. You need to feed it, water it, and have it groomed. One real problem when getting your dog groomed is finding a great dog groomer. Sometimes it can be difficult because there are so many pet groomers out there. Finding the right match for you and your dog can be made much easier if you have some guidelines to go by. Use the following guidelines when picking out a great dog groomer.

“The first thing you should do is ask your family and friends for a recommendation. Most of the time this is the best way to find a great dog groomer. People that you know can usually tell you which groomer are good and which ones are not.
“If you don”t receive any recommendations then look on the internet and read customer reviews. People often post their experience with groomers online. This can be an invaluable way to find a great groomer.
“Make sure that the dog groomer is close to your home if your dog gets nervous in the car.
“Once you have a great recommendation then you need to research the groomer to be sure that they are appropriate for your dog. Before you make the appointment it is recommended that you go into the groomers and see what type of tools they use for grooming pets.
“Next you need to ask them how they handle untrained dogs. The methods that they use say a lot of their professionalism. They should use a muzzle and have methods to calm and sooth the dog.
“Make sure that the groomer is certified and have the proper license. Make sure they are qualified. Ask if they went to dog

Jul 12

Pup Corn – Low Calorie Dog Treats

One of the most popular new dog treats on the market is that of Pup Corn, which is made and distributed by Sunshine Mills, Inc. in Red Bay, Alabama. These fun-loving little dog treats are designed in the shape of a dog, but look more like a cheese puff. First produced in cheese flavor, Pup Corn is now available in both beef and peanut butter flavor.

Pup Corn healthy dog greats offer a way to treat your dog without loading its diet with unwanted fat, calories and sodium. The answer is in the unique Pup Corn dog treats. Sunshine Mills, the maker of Pup Corn, uses special ingredients and technology to produce a delicious, crunchy treat with controlled levels of fat, calories and sodium so that you can reward your pup often and still feel good about maintaining its fitness and health.

As a general guide, the company recommends that individuals feed their pet Pup Corn dog treats 1-3 dog treats per 10 lbs. Of the dogs body weight daily. If you have been feeding dog treats that are high in fat, it is recommended that you break up the Pup Corn healthy dog treats into smaller bites until your pet adjusts to the unique product. In addition to dog treats, Sunshine Mills recommends feeding your dog a healthy and well-balanced nutritional food and always make sure that a fresh, clean bowl of drinking water is available at all times.

Dog treats, which are commonly used in the training of an animal, are an essential part of rewarding your pet for good behavior. A pat on the head is terrific, but dog treats are even better. If you want to teach your dog how to sit using dog treats, simply begin by telling your dog to sit. If necessary, give

Jul 10

Venus or Mars – Here’s How to Determine the Gender of Your Kitten

Wait until the kitten is a month old.
It is nearly impossible for a layman to correctly guess the gender of a kitten below the age of 3 weeks. Firstly, handling these newborns for long isn’t even recommended, because you’ll only end up passing your ‘human’ scent onto the kitten, making it hard for the mother to identify her baby. Worst case scenario, the mother may end up abandoning the kitten.

There are a few humans equipped with the ability to remain unfazed by the allure of tiny, tiny kittens. It doesn’t matter if those furballs grow up to be pioneers of what we call a resting bitchface, they can still melt the coldest heart with their infinite cuteness.

When you bring a kitten home (from a shelter or a rescued one, hopefully), the first thing you would want to do is to give it a decent name. No, there’s no need to compromise by picking a unisex name, there are ways to determine your kitten’s gender at home. Pay close attention to what follows.

How to Tell the Sex of a Kitten
Before we begin, note that the kitten in question should be at least over the age of three weeks for you to venture a fairly accurate guess.

First step, ensure that the kitty is calm, and not in a playful mode whatsoever. Even a young kitty knows how to protect her privacy, and doesn’t mind using her (very) sharp claws. Kittens sleep a lot, so a good time would be when it begins feeling drowsy.

Hold the kitten very gingerly, as the precious little thing is still very delicate. Now, stroke it lightly to calm it further.

You need to take a look at the kitten’s posterior to find the answer. Therefore, the tail needs to be moved. Do so very gently. If

Jul 10

Why Do People Love Cat Videos So Much – Psychology May Be at Work

Famous Cats on Internet
– Maru, the Japanese cat who can fit in any box.
– Snoopy Cat, the fashionable cat.
– Nala, the surprised cat.
– Colonel Meow, the serious cat.

Cats have been famous for their crazy antics, they’ll break your things, spoil and scratch your carpet and curtains, end up sleeping in your shoe, yet we’ll love them for what they are. Their constant purring keeps our house lively. Having a sad day? Go home after a tiring day, and one innocent look from your cat is going to melt your heart away. The trend these days shows that the Internet is abuzz with a lot of cat videos. Indeed, why are cats so funny and heart breakingly cute?

Evidently, there is an epic war of cat owners and dog owners, regarding which is the better pet. Dogs are man’s best friend in real life, but it seems cats are man’s best friend on the Internet. Dogs are trained, and they will obediently carry out all your instructions. On the other hand, cats won’t care much (unless they’re hungry), and it does not matter to them who observes them and what others think of them. Rather, they must be thinking that humans are morons, wasting their time going to offices, and going behind stupid things. Undeniably, cat videos and pictures have the highest number of page clicks than other funny animals. Sorry dog owners, the cats win here.

Why Do We Love Cat Videos
You leave the cat alone, and still it will entertain itself. It does not need anyone to be nearby or tell it what to do. If you observe them, they have a whole universe around themselves, and won’t feel intimidated by anything. Consequently, today, there are many people who are looking for cat videos and funny

Jul 09

Is A Labrador Retriever The Right Pet For You

The Labrador Retriever has consistently remained one of the most popular canine companions in the United States for many years. What is it about this energetic breed that keeps individuals and families coming back for countless new adoptions every year–and is this the perfect breed for you? Let’s find out.

The lab’s appearance is part of what makes it loveable at first sight. A sturdy, medium-sized dog–usually ranging from 60 to 80 pounds–it comes in a variety of colors: chocolate, black, yellow, white, and fox red, all of which are attractive in their own way. Their short coats shed minimally and require very little grooming. Many people are taken in by their bright, intelligent gaze and carefree smile. White lab puppies for sale are almost irresistible, with their floppy ears and clumsy gait.

The truth is, however, that plenty of pups are adorable, but not all are well-suited to your family’s pursuits. Most specimens of this breed are tremendously energetic, so they require daily vigorous exercise. This means they are not typically suited to apartment dwelling unless you are dedicated to taking them along for long walks every day.

If you still want a lab but are restricted as to the time and energy you can spend on your pet, then you may want to consider adopting a special needs or senior dog, especially as these types of pets have a difficult time being placed in homes from shelters or rescue missions.

But for the outdoorsman, a Labrador Retriever is a great companion. If you’re a hunter in particular, then you can bring your canine along to do precisely what they were bred to do: retrieve game! Even if you’re not a hunter, you need to remember that every purebred dog needs to have their instincts

Jul 09

My Dog Greets By Biting

Most little dogs greet you at the door when you come home. Some small dogs jump all over the place and bark madly until you acknowledge they are there. All this is fine and dandy until your small dog starts biting you to get your attention. Now that the problem has gotten to the point of someone can get hurt, what do you do?

When greeting the dog, keep calm and relaxed. Most people get too excited when they see their dog, and the dog gets too excited, too. The difference is that the dog does not understand how to moderate its behavior, and this often results in hyper and excited behavior; barking relentlessly, nipping or biting, jumping on you, etc. People way too often find the dog’s excitement cute, so their dogs get so wound up they have a difficult time calming down.

To put a stop to this behavior, do not talk, touch, or acknowledge the animal when you walk in the door. Try to ignore the dog entirely as you come in and put your things away. Practice this until you are doing it without realizing. Remember the dog is hooked on acquiring your attention and praise. Never reward this type of behavior.

Until your dog is completely calm and relaxed, continue to ignore him. Do not praise or reinforce any excitement in any way. It is vital that you allow the dog to become calm and sedate before you acknowledge its presence.

As soon as the dog relaxes, you can bend down and gently stroke and greet your dog in a low, gentle tone of voice. Do not use the high squeak that gets him exited. When your dog realizes calm behavior is rewarded by the attention he so desperately seeks, he will know

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